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LM 48001

Greek Army UH-1H AB205 1/48 Hellenic Army Aviation UH-1H/AB205 helicopters

This large, A5 sized, set contains markings for twenty different UH-1H and AB-205 helicopters used by the Hellenic Army Aviation and loaned to the Cyprus National Guard, covering the type's career to date.
Five different colour schemes have been used during the type's career to date, including Olive Drab and the three colour SE-Asia camouflage scheme. When delivered the AB-205 helicopters were finished in a unique three-colour scheme with light grey undersides. Nowadays all helicopters are finished in overall Helo Drab, a colour that presents enormous variation due to weathering and staining.
Also included are all versions of the Hellenic Army Aviation badge raging from the earliest winged roundel with crown device to the latest low-visibility eagle and grenade version.
The set includes almost all stencilled instructions that appear on the aircraft's exterior and also the readily visible ones for the interior.

Price 15.00€